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手把手教你玩儿一下 Redis Module 之模块解读

引子 Redis 现在的 Stable 版本是4.0.11, 对Redis比较关注的童鞋都知道,4.0引入了 Module 。 我们先一起看看 Redis 4.0都更新了啥? 官方说法 Redis 4.0 was released as GA in July 2017. Contains several big improvements: a modules system, much better replication (PSYNC2), improvements to eviction policies, threaded DEL/FLUSH, mixed RDB+AOF format, Raspberry Pi support as primary platform, the new MEMORY command, Redis Cluster support for Nat/Docker, active memory defragmentation, memory usage and performance improvements, much faster Redis Cluster key creation, many other smaller features and a number of behavior fixed.